Rods & Reels

For fly fishing on the lakes of the Parklands we recommend you use medium to fast action fly rods in six to seven weight sizes. The fish here are very large and strong, you need a rod with the ability to effectively and quickly fight these big fish to the net. For length, most anglers choose fly rods in a nine (9) to ten (10) foot length. Ten foot length rods are probably the favourite because they help you with the back cast when fishing from float tubes, pontoon boats or other craft. For reels, we strongly recommend you bring large arbor reels that can pick up slack line quickly. The trout here can change directions rapidly and often charge right towards you. A large arbor reel will help you effectively pick up that slack line. Of course with trout this big and strong, you should also bring reels with quality drag systems. Reels matched to your rods (6-7 weights) are recommended.

Fly Lines

In order to adequately fish different parts of the water column it is recommended you bring a number of different flylines. Of course a Weight Forward (WF) floating flyline will be your number one choice for much of your angling. However, we also recommend you bring a Intermediate flylines with a slow sink rate of 1.5 to 2 inches per second. This flyline will help you use nymphs, minnow patterns and other flies down in the water column to where the trout are. Sink tip flylines are also very useful to have, especially ones with 12 foot sink tips in a Type 3 to 5 sink rate (3 to 5 inches per second). These sink tip lines are great for casting large streamers around weed edges or near visible structure.


The leaders we recommend for the Parklands are knotless (to prevent weeds from snagging on knots) in lengths of 9 to 15 feet. Most anglers find a 10 foot leader going to a 3x tippet is ideal. The longer leader lengths are used when employing strike indicators above suspended flies (like balanced leeches). Most anglers will use a minimum of 4x tippets in order to prevent breakoffs with large fish.

Boats/Pontoons & Float Tubes

All the lakes in the Parklands region feature great public access and boat launches. No matter what type of watercraft you want to bring, all will work here. Most of the lakes here are of modest size and are ideally suited to both pontoon boats and float tubes. Most anglers like to use pontoon boats with oars or even with fitted electric motors, this helps them move around quickly. Pontoon boats and float tubes are available for rental from the Russell Inn.

Video examples of fishing in the Parklands