A wide variety of fly patterns will work to catch the various trout species of the Parkland region. However, there are some patterns that standout in effectiveness. The following fly patterns are considered some of the best for success!

Leech & Minnow Patterns

Brown & Tan Woolly Bugger, Black Woolly Bugger, Balanced Leeches (various colours), Sparkle Leech, Dazzle Leech, Canadian Mohair Leech, Ice Minnow, White Streamers (zonkers)

Nymphs (Including Dragonfly & Damselfly Patterns)

P-Quad (all varieties), UV Cruncher, Drag Queen, Grizzly Damsel, Baby Damsel and Mini B


Bionic Worm, The Chromie, Black Sally, MacSheedy Bloodworm, Summer N’Red

You can buy many of these fly patterns and other flies at one of these two reputable fly sellers:

1. Stillwater Fly Fishing Store

2. Reelflies.ca

Video Resources

We strongly recommend you check out Phil Rowley’s fantastic YouTube Channel that features a wide assortment of Stillwater flytying resources. It can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlyCraftAngling

Here are some flytying videos for patterns that work in the Parklands Region: