Thanks to an aggressive and successful stocking program, the Parkland region lakes are blessed with a hardy stock of trout species. The Parklands region is quite vast and within its many waters there exists: rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, lake trout and brook trout. Here are the details on the three main species that most anglers come for within easy reach of the Russell Inn:

Brown Trout

This highly respected trout species has set a precedence for a highly afforded fishing experience. With an established history on many of the provinces world-class fly fishing waters, Manitoba’s brown trout has developed a notable reputation for their challenging quest and capability of growing to a staggering size. Hooking into a monster brown trout is an occasion that will instantly remind you why they’re surrounded by so much hype.
The brown is an efficiently powered predator that has an uncanny ability to play you like a fiddle. They will shower you with an array of electrifying jumps, relentless runs and erratic urges that will often take you through a gauntlet of nasty cover. Take them for granted, and well…. the party will be over before it even started. Best of all, the brown here will hammer mice patterns in the late day or early morning near weed edges or beaver lodges. The Parklands region is home to, more than one, epic brown trout destination. With a wide selection of sought after lakes that offer phenomenal populations, the possibilities are endless for the universally desired, hooked jaw giant. With common catches that exceed 28 inches, the Parklands has an open door to the ultimate brown trout adventure! Average brown trout are 17-18 inches on our lakes. Top producing fisheries include Laurie Lake, Persse Lake, West Goose Lake, Patterson Lake, and Tokaryk Lake. Provincial record brown trout is 30.88 inches (78.44 cm). Will you be the angler to break that record?

Rainbow Trout

Known as Manitoba’s most popular stocked trout species, the rainbow trout continually wins the hearts and minds of fanatical fly fishers and seasoned hard tackle anglers that flock to the Parklands to pursue this revered species.  As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance.  Those who annually travel to the Parklands for our giant rainbows can attest to their demanding requirement for strategy, skill and effective technique.  Gaining the upper hand on seasoned bow takes a persistent approach, but the rewards can be colossal. The chances of landing a 26 inch plus titan is as real as it gets and the prospect of that 28 inch plus fish of a lifetime, is a proven annual achievement! The provincial record is 32.5 inches (82.55 cm).

Tiger Trout

Branded as the most aggressive trout species to ever frequent the stocked lakes of Manitoba, the tiger trout has become a “bucket list” icon that has caught the attention of fly and conventional tackle anglers from across Canada and the United States. This half brown trout, half brook trout hybrid has established itself as a top-of-the-food-chain predator that presents one of the most exclusive angling experiences within the Parklands region. As a species that has inherited the best known qualities of both the brook and brown trout, the tiger has easily advanced into a league of its own. While offering what might be the best visual experience that one could ever imagine, their tendency to explode ferociously at the instance of a hook-set and their intense strength are polished traits that rightfully put them on top of a pedestal. Many anglers have realized that these ferocious fish will readily come to the surface to explosively take mice patterns at sunset and in the early morning. Hooking up on a 25 inch plus monster that graciously throws in a couple of award winning aerial displays can be an exhilarating occurrence that is hard to replicate. With a respectable number of large tigers being successfully landed each and every season, the opportunities for that elusive giant are real! Twin Lakes in the Parkland Region is the only lake currently offering tiger trout. Manitoba Record: Caught in Twin Lakes, measuring 67.31 cm (26.5”).